Although it seems too strange,

It has always been hard to accept the change.

The ones who are close and dear,

Crevices amongst becomes hard to bear.

But far away, they wish happiness and care.

Little does the leaf know that pales.

To entice now it fails

With the whirling wind, it drops down.

Touching the feet, now its found.

But far away, with yellow- orange shade ;it adorns the ground.

So does the tree plays its part.

Doesn’t stop with one’s depart.

Through leaves in abundance, a flower blooms.

The fragrance drives out the gloom.

But deep inside, it suffers the doom.

May not all consider it suitable

But the change is inevitable.

Things may not last forever.

But does that mean its importance was never?

For all has a role to play

And return to destined place at the end of day

So,why grumble over it?

And relegate good time spent,

To a crumbled paper bits.

Don’t hold, instead let it vent.

Remorse? Smile and ditch it.

And in heart keep the invaluable memories etched.

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