Better halves

Better halves!


She was a bemused;

He was never too confused.


Someone misguided him;

She reiterated a blessing in disguise for him.


She acted naïve;

He pampered her every clive.


He was a li’l disturbed;

She became his source of motivation.


She was a gourmet;

He always had a famished basket.


He was a lazy bum;

She never kept mum.


She was emotionally broken;

He was a debonair known.


He was tall enough to let her head rest on his chest, while they cuddled, and blow her hair with his brisk breath!

To trot out the emotions in depth!

They were imperfect with some flaws

Still kept loving each other without thinking of any laws.

They were perfect when together,

To fill the hollowness that was possible never.

They were solely just two halves,

But when together, they were the ‘better halves!’

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