Ultimate Love Poems – 10 Best Love Poems of All Time

Love Poems

Love Poems by Neetu Singh Entangled The days they spent together He still wishes to live in them forever   The roads they travelled may have parted But for him, yet not departed.   Their talks may have ceased. Yet, his love didn’t recede.   The memories are now a haze. He couldn’t escape that maze.   Her presence is diminished one in his life. But he is firm to always stay by her side.   This state leaves him strangled Where he is still entangled..! All I Want In…

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What is Love? The story of First Love. Love me Like you do

Do you remember your First Love? “First Love” these are the two words that mount an image in your mind, which either made your life meaningful or vice Versa. Read the sentence again to understand its depth and analyze the result. Do you remember your first love? yes no? of course yes, because that was the only time when the sun began to rise from the west and set in the east, the time when sleeping late became a habit, lunch and dinner time went on strike and all these…

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