Achievement vs Satisfaction

Achievement vs Satisfaction

Hello friends, today back with one of the toughest topic to explain. People get influenced by others around them. This provoke them to raise their bars and lead with full enthusiasm. Achievement is something which you get as output of your efforts. Achievement is easy to gain but does Achievement bring Satisfaction? Do both aspects go hand in hand? Let us explore the answers.

When can you say that you are actually Satisfied? What Satisfaction is in reality? Satisfaction is a feeling that makes you believe that whatever you did was right. This feeling terminates the greed of going beyond the already set benchmark. This feeling does not urge any revenge, nor does it gives false overview of what is done. Feeling satisfied motivates you to keep going and again come to this state.

Achievement is easy to define as anything you achieve after hard work. It might be successful career, beloved partner, increasing business, social image etc. Achievement is something in which you put efforts naturally by your own or you are made to put forcefully by situations. The essence of achievement changes as per the conditions we are subjected to. IT engineers in south are paid good salaries still many suicide cases are found? Good salaries is an achievement but then what made them commit suicide? There are many such examples that you will find in which the subject has lot many achievements but still he/she is never found to be happy. Let us understand why this happens?

We constantly strive hard to achieve different dreams. In this journey we find ourselves on top of the world and sometimes in deep trenches. Everyone has different source of motivation, money is most asked motivation factor. But is it that only money matters? The answer is no. Money is required to sustain yourself in this BARTER system set long back. Yes indeed money is best motivation but some feelings are beyond this money concern.

Any achievement is a part or whole of Success. Getting what is desired doesn’t always make you feel content. This is because everyone has different view of weighing things and so satisfaction of getting any achievement also varies. Sometimes you feel more satisfied by helping a needy rather than a good job. Achievements are not followed by satisfaction but feeling satisfied can drive you crazy to achieve anything that you want in your life.

I am not talking about satisfaction that you find in eating favorite food, having sex, a big salary package etc. Remember food, sex, shelter etc are not to be taken pleasure off because its given by nature to survive and reproduce replicas. Whenever we try to harness pleasure from them we end up in problems. Example is too much eating and less eating both cause us discomfort and diseases. So understanding this concept is important because the above mentioned things will never give you satisfaction, once done then you will always feel to have it more and often.

Conclusion– Achieve high marks in life but see to it that achievement is not for others, but its for you and should benefit others. If you achieve and still not happy then change your way because its like doing donkey work because even donkey is been feed after work. So always explore things which give you satisfaction and achievement because “Satisfied souls conquer the world with ease”.

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