One evening I was very tired and was returning from the workplace, a signal clogged me.

Exasperated with the crowd climate and dampness I was annoyed. I was waiting the signal to end so that I can reach home early & relax.

Suddenly something clear-fell nearby me and it seized my attention… I was stunned way afar… Suddenly all my annoyance, my frustration revolved into guilt. The scene was very upsetting for me as a human being.

Life in my hometown and other cities I just had overheard about the fact of Mumbai but witnessing it was way alarming.

My eyes were stuck to the passageway & my throat was gulped. As the signal was released we moved forward my eyes were still stuck to that view and I kept thinking about it… the evening was restless, something which made me realize that I should be so grateful to God, family, this universe. I lightened a Diya in mandir and thanked God for the wonderful life I have got, I  realized humans can never accomplish satisfaction in their life even after getting everything, greedy nature always asks for more where on the other side what I saw was intolerable.

The view where a baby, two women a teen boy, the old lady the whole families who were staying on streets with no rooftop … yes, it might just be ok to pin your ears but trust me it is so tough to witness.

The people were completely homeless. I still remember my teacher in my 3 grade once thought us that food, water, shelter are the basic rights and needs of every human being. The teaching was continuously spinning in my head. I discussed this with my friend with whom I was travelling he said rather which really made me contemplate, he declaimed the fact which each one of listens realizes but does not respond he said “ab kisi ke karma Kisi ko to bhugatna hoga, inke hissa koi amir khata hain to ye bhuke beghar sojate h” so correct so right.. This country is full of selfish heads. Every individual thinks about me and just I, The mistake does not lie at the peak it lies to the bottom. In today’s world, everyone is astonished by such grand and divine facilities people have forgotten to teach their child’s the prominence of caring and sharing. They more concentrate on teaching hygiene hobbies, languages etc. etc. but yes more or less part they have omitted to put the key factor of humanity in their children. isn’t it important that your child should become a good human first … starting from children to friends to colleagues, roommates to everyone around the disease of selfishness has acquired the human blood and the sorrow is that distress is done by this poor people.

©Samruddhi Bhalke

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