Banting the eighteen!

Banting the eighteen!


Liza had a brain fart after she had her drink at beer o’ clock. She had a temporary mental lapse. At that time, Claire was being very sarcastic with Liza.

Liza: Bitch-faced woman!

In the midst of her blabbering, Claire saw Tom heading towards them.

Claire: Ah bruh! Come and sit with me. Why do you look so butthurt?

Tom: You know Claire, I’ve had enough of this Sam.

Claire: Oh! I know how he keeps mocking you all the time at Cate café. He’s famous for his bants.

Tom: Yeah you see, I get sick to my stomach thinking of all the time he mocks me.

Claire: Aww! Rly? That skinny hipster brat! How can he always fat-shame you? He’s a weak sauce.

Liza: Claire, but Tom must rage-quit this. Tom is not someone who can be bullied easily. But if this happens repeatedly, he’ll start despising himself.

Claire: Good Lord! She made a sensible remark. I agree with her. Just because people have the time to invest and body type that shows more quickly than others, doesn’t make others inferior.

Tom: That skinny Mx. Jones sucks at a lot of things.

Claire: Including being a kind person, that could be legitimately, openly intimidated, yet we don’t mock him.

Tom: Oh my God! Look whom this mobile device inadvertently butt dial! Mx. Jones!

Liza: Oh stop it you! I’m damned hangry.

Claire: Liza, stop whining and manspreading.

Liza: Don’t act like a Manic pixie dream girl. (shouts) Give me food.

Claire: Tom, c’mon! Stop turning to your mobile devices for snackable content and help yourself to swallow.

An awesomesauce or a bouncer? If bouncer, you ain’t aware of the many new things happening around you. So, this article is to aware my people about the ever-evolving words, which come from the Pop culture and fresh technology.

Last night, I was banting with my favourite Oxford-newly-launched words and managed to frame a small script of three friends. Everything doesn’t come handy, right? But I am providing you with one, so that you know that it’s the time you ask your word document to come into senses if it throws those jiggly red lines when you write words like awesomesauce and butthurt.

Let us learn these new words added in the Oxford dictionary:

  1. Awesomesauce (adj): Extremely good
  2. Beer o’ clock (n): the best time of day to drink beer
  3. Brain fart (n): a temporary mental lapse to reason correctly
  4. Bitch face (n): a scowling facial expression
  5. Bruh (n): a male friend
  6. Butt dial (v): dial someone on a mobile device that is in one’s rear trouser pocket
  7. Butthurt (adj): overly offended
  8. Bants (n): Playfully teasing
  9. Cate café (n): a café where people pay to interact with cats housed on the premises
  10. Fat-shame (v): cause (someone judged to be fat or overweight) to feel humiliated by making mocking or critical comments about their size
  11. Hangry (adj): bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger
  12. Manspreading (n): The practice whereby someone adopts a sitting position with his/her legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat.
  13. Manic pixie dream girl (n): a type of female character depicted as vivacious and appealingly quirky, whose main purpose is to inspire a greater appreciation for life in a male protagonist
  14. Mx (n): a title used before a person’s surname who prefer not to identify themselves as male or female
  15. Rage-quit (v): angrily abandon an activity or pursuit that has become frustrating
  16. Rly (abbrev): really
  17. Snackable (adj): designed to be read, viewed, or otherwise engaged with briefly and easily
  18. Weak sauce (n): of a poor or disappointing standard or quality

I’m sure, now you can easily deal with these words because of this awesomesauce article. (winks)

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Nicely written apurva and superrb use of vocabulary…!

Apurva Shimpi
Apurva Shimpi

thank you so much Vilas. 🙂 you’re a consistent reader of my blogs. I’m glad.

akshay jadhav
akshay jadhav

Extraordinary !! Superb vocabulary!!