Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Once again back with one of the toughest topic to talk about, because no one exactly knows what do we mean by words “Be Yourself”.
 Indeed a tough topic to be discussed but it can be understood with simple example. Lets go back to your childhood or specifically school days. Do you remember the first day when school used to reopen. You used to be so excited. Reason behind excitement was new classroom, new friends and most important to introduce yourself to whole class. You used to tell your name, percentage, hobbies and who is your role model and lastly ambition. Focus on ambition subject and think for a while are we the same today what we thought of in school days? Those who were firm they  will say yes but 80% have deviated from the determined path. Now somewhat you all might understand why is the topic so tough.
 This change has occurred because of what life we lived after 10th and before 12th. Till 10th std we are like the frog present in well for whom the well is  his world. And if the same frog is brought out in surrounding what will happen? Common sense, his ideas will expand but he will never forget that he is a frog and will always try to hide from predators and sustain his life. But if he forgets his basic instinct then any how he will become extinct. Now relate yourself with this story not the frog. What happened is,as soon as we stepped in college life due to sudden expansion of thoughts and change in lifestyle we forgot to live for our ambition and we lived only to carry yourself well in Government prescribed courses necessary to get educated. Our nature changed but on basis of changes in environment. Change is need of time but basic instinct cant change or if so happens then lions can be left in open grazing land.
Let me conclude, what I feel is we should never change as per the tides. Exchange ideas, talk to everyone also listen to everyone but always do what your brain asks you not what the mob asks you to do. Getting inspired by someone is good for motivation but that doesn’t mean we should change our unique nature. We all are endowed with uniqueness which we should preserve and not let it fall prey to what people say. Build your own house in this world with bricks of your ideas otherwise it will be very difficult to distinguish yourself from the mob.

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Harshal Nikam
Harshal Nikam

What you are saying that’s true. But at a point we have to change our priorities & our ambitions too.. Well written..