Black Holes

Black Holes

Hello guys,
                  First of all let me explain the meaning of Black hole. A black hole is a place where gravity becomes such a powerful force that its over rides all other forces of universe. Once inside, then nothing can escape not even light. As we saw Interstellar movie, even time falls prey to it.
At end of our day we think about the done and undone work and worrying about it. Now its time to free ourselves from the black holes in our lives that is getting rid of those things and people who consume our energy and time and weaken us.


          Do you feel frustrated and empty at end of day? Then its sure sign that you are occupied with non-essentials which leave you exhausted for what clearly matters most. These black holes can be in form of people or activity that waste time and energy and have a control on your calm. Scientific black holes are events formed far away which have no impact on us. What about those we created for ourselves- people and objects that draw us unknowingly, not allowing us to escape in our sphere and time?
  If you are evolved enough to have a sense of your purpose and time then you will be able to judge incidents that leave you feeling empty. We also get engaged in talking to people whose taste doesn’t match ours, this can take toll on you unless you talk on something which is of common concern and limit time of interaction. Also we hesitate to take a shortcut in such situation where negative people advice you to lead your life on principles of their so called “Wisdom”.
         Mood swings, emotional roller coaster ride also leave you distracted and helpless. Emotional unbalance have capacity to pulls us in typhoon where everything else fades away and we are left with depression, stress and sense of hopelessness. Some people have educated themselves in controlling others emotions as the way they want, controlling you as per their mood leading you to distraction. Once you understand this technique you become immune to it.
         Sadly we seem unaware of tolls these things take on our lives. The best of us are falling prone to such soul sapping activities checking phone again and again, refreshing Facebook, endless worrying, taking selfies of every moment rather than enjoying it, watching TV aimlessly, procrastination, hanging on to hopeless love or thinking about one that ended.
        If you feel guilty? Then first way to get rid of these things is to identify them, study them, understand what makes you happy and then start clearing your way to deal with those unknown forces that hammer your life down and compress your performance.

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Very true 🙂