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Rangoli HomeStay

The feeling of accomplishment is the kind of satisfactory feeling I seek in my life. In this world of different technology, people can get connected to many things either online or offline. But who...

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Mural Art

Mural Art   Mural painting is any piece of art that is done on a permanent surface. This type of painting was anciently practiced in temples. Also you may find fine mural art paintings....

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Achievement vs Satisfaction

Achievement vs Satisfaction Hello friends, today back with one of the toughest topic to explain. People get influenced by others around them. This provoke them to raise their bars and lead with full enthusiasm. Achievement...

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Save Girl child

आपल्या समाजाचे दोन महत्त्वाचे घटक म्हणजे स्ञी आणि पुरुष. पुरातन काळापासून सर्व धर्मांमध्ये स्ञीयांना महत्त्वाचे स्थान दिले गेले आहे. आपल्या पुरुष प्रधान देशात सुद्धा स्ञीयांना नेहमीच स्वकर्तृवाने आपले एक वेगळे स्थान निर्माण केलय. पण...

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Poster Rangoli

Poster Rangoli “Appreciating god’s creation is the assurance that God is with us. “ What comes to your mind when you hear the word nature? It is the God’s gift given to us with...

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रांगोळी…… भारतीय संस्कृतिचे एक अनोखे प्रतिक…. भारतीय संस्कृतित रांगोळीचे अनन्य साधारण महत्व आहे. रांगोळीची प्राचीन कला अधिक समृद्ध करण्यासाठी रांगोळी ह्या कलेला घरातूनच शिकवण मिळते व त्या कलेचा वारसा वर्षांनुवर्षे असाच जपला जाताे. पुर्वीच्या...

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