Color Theory

Color Theory

Today it’a all about a common sense theory which I will explain in my way so named as “Color Theory”

Consider two different individuals A and B. They have a relation between them. They might be strangers, friends, couple, colleagues, family etc any possibility which ties them up.

B loves color Red(R) and hates color Green(G). Now understand the further situation.

B is standing in front of color Green and A observed B during this time. A assumed that B has some relation with color green so A evaluates that B is somewhere involved in color green. It’s right because though B hates green color still this act is involvement. What A will do is nothing but try talking to B about color green. A will talk everything about color green and will think that its comforting B. But actually B is getting irritated of A as talk is all about the color B hates. So naturally after sometime B will avoid talking to A, will ignore A and after sometimes hate A. This is how a relation turns worse.. Now when B hates A then A gets disturbed because A is unaware of reasons why B is behaving in that manner. Naturally A will suffer on hands of B.

This happens with everyone because human beings have natural tendency of assuming,predicting and then behaving accordingly.

How this situation went worst?

Mistake of A– A did a blunder of assuming what B is comfortable with. A was not wrong because whatever he/she did came naturally. Wrong was that A assumed and then predicted what is needed to comfort B.

Mistake of B– B should have cleared A that he/she hates color green so then A would have understood and acted accordingly. But B allowed A to go on and then this dislike went piling up inside and then finally converted into hate, ignorance etc. So B should have specified to A that green color is hated and red is what he/she loves.


Apply this theory to anywhere you want and to any aspect. This generally happens and can be avoided if communication gap is dissolved. Both A and B are right at their places but lack of communication pulls a tough situation over them.

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