‘Deal or no deal’

‘Deal or no deal’

With a sudden touch and bundle of emotions,

He tried to vamoose;

hoping to escape the rock land

and board on the islands!

Not to my surprise,

He had an elfin grin

with rabity teeth and baby fat in his cheeks.

An amicable fellow to expose an easy smile!

Tried to sneak away from his rigorous thoughts
neverthless he was.

Like all great records,

the seeds of baptism

came from personal epiphany!

Black or white,

small or big,

rich or poor,

fourteen or forty-four;

Problems arise,

Hurdles rise,

Responsibilities flow,

to let the maturity grow.

He stood above the evil,

Never had he been so hostile,

Defeated every obstacle he faced

with his super-strong will

and impromptu acts to deal.

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  1. Aditi

    Amazing:*. Loved it <3

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