Don’t Fool Them

Odd topic to start with. How you define broad-mindedness? How does one set the level of broad-mindedness? Do you know the thin line of difference between narrow-mindedness and broad-mindedness? If a girl comes up to you and delivers a hug, what conclusion you derive out of it? She is over-friendly, it is ok, it is normal, she like boys etc. so many conclusions without knowing her intent. The same case goes for a boy if he approaches to hug, the conclusions drawn ranges from anywhere between it is normal to he is desperate.

The most interesting part over here is the control that such people have over influencing other. I am not talking about the people who draw conclusions because it is waste of time and efforts to deal with such immature heads. I am talking about people who are broad minded + who understand what their over-presence in someone’s life can lead to.

The one at receiving ends starts building a virtual world around all the physically delivered gifts that include hugs, presence around the person, outings, get-togethers etc. This happens knowingly or unknowingly, mind interprets reality but the heart doesn’t. The insight drawn is “Yeah, she is spending time with me, she is happy around me, she clicks a selfie with me, she hugs me every day we go apart…This means she likes me, she has fallen for me…” He fails to understand that for her it is very normal scenario going, she can’t be blamed.

This situation leads to knowing the person in and out but concealed with a fact that both ends are taking things in different ways. One end is happy speculating things that are not real and the other end is happy because things happening is very normal for him/her. The timeline starts picking up curiosity, craziness, unknown smiles everytime a message is received, getting carried away with songs. The other end remains firm and intact without getting disturbed. Once the timeline reaches saturation, things start falling apart. At one end empty space is created which seems to remain void throughout and at another end, the new timeline might start once again. Time passes with hardships at one end that continue for a long time creating a deep hatred for people around along with the addition of manipulated side to one’s nature. This gift of manipulating others received remain with life forever and is very difficult to get rid off. Job start seeming to be worth than entangling into something that never lasts or is never the same at another end.

One has to understand what impact his/her presence can have in other’s lives if it is cunning then better leave. That presence can bring a smile on a sad face, can transfer positive vibes, can heal time-based wounds.  After saturation, the same presence will attract rejection and dislikes. The same presence will prove to be a mood killer so escape from situation remains Ultimate Choice.

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