Faith and Terrorism

Faith and Terrorism

 The world today is jolting on the rope of faith and believes. Faith that there is some one who is always with them, belief that, that someone is GOD! But what if one day this belief breaks? What if one day you come to know that there is no one with you? There is nothing like God! We will be broken into infinite pieces, we will find no hope to live no way to go forward on that path of life which we once believed is shown by the God.

Faith that someone is always with us is true but is that someone God? One day when we will come to know that there is nothing like God who will be left with us? Who will be there to hold our hands and be with us on our way?

I guess they will be our friends, family, our relations with all the people out there; they will be with us then! We are leaving in the world where few people are trying to kill other humans in the name of God, who we don’t even know whether god exists or not!

On day the rope of our belief that God exists shall break and then the name for whom humans murdered humanity shall kill themselves. Our life is not dependent on the path shown by god but it is dependent on the path shown by our heart. Yes of course there is someone who is always with us but that someone may not be god they are our family, friends, relations that we have built during our life span.

Terrorism  has finished the world around us and if we still keep believing that there is GOD who has asked us to do all this I think one day this rope of belief will break and then we will find no one to hold our hand not even GOD!

STOP TERRORISM! Have faith in the relations that we build around us. Have faith in God but believe that god is present in all the living being around us and we are not bestowed with the power to harm god!


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