Falling Apart

When you feel that your world is falling apart

We all go through difficult times. We try to persuade ourselves that everything will be okay. Everything will be fine. If bad times are going on, good times will come too.

We try to deny everything going around us and fall into despair.

We feel that our world is falling apart. Nothing seems right. You feel sadness everywhere, you are filled with guilt, you want to make things better but are unable to do so, and you feel unmotivated. You feel you have lost purpose.

At times you think you are the only one that is facing this situation; you are the only one who is this miserable.

You feel that no one else can understand your troubles. Not your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend or family members.

But let me tell you. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE.

You are not alone. Period.

Take a look at the problems you are facing. See it with a broader perspective. Imagine how many others are facing the same issue.

Think about the deep root cause due to which the problem arose.

Let me take an example which you can relate to.


Why do we fail?

Because we were not able to do the task in the way it was required to be done.

What is the solution?

To do it the proper way.

What if it is too late?

Move on.

It sounds harsh. But sometimes, all you can do is learn and improve or learn and move on.

There is this one line in the book, ‘The Alchemist’

“At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, our lives are controlled by fate and that is the world’s biggest lie.”

Fate is something which exists; I do not deny its existence. But relying on fate for your whole life or blaming that your shortcomings were due to fate is absurd. We all face failures, whether small or gigantic.

No one has the same lives; we have our own unique experiences.

We have to face the issues that make us lacking. We have to learn to stand up to them. Sitting back and thinking, ‘All I have to do is wait and things will be okay’, then let me break it to you, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION.

Yes, you.

You are one who can change your own life.

At times, you may feel that ‘XYZ is doing far better than me with less struggle’, and sometimes you may feel ‘I am smarter than ABC then why am I suffering and ABC is much better off than me?’

You start to feel that each and every person is doing better than you. Only you are the victim. THIS IS A LIE. You lie to yourself to feel better by blaming circumstances and not doing anything.

Everyone is climbing a different mountain. Maybe your mountain has more steeps and hurdles than other person but that doesn’t mean that the other person is going to the top of the mountain easily, they may not have steeps but it could be that they are climbing with no equipment and you have the equipment. There is no comparison.

You will always feel the other person has more than you, they are more privileged than you. But remember, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

The point is, don’t compare, don’t blame, don’t whine.

Regrets have killed many before their time.

If you have failed, not everything is lost in life.

There is no simple answer to problems that we face but if you heed them then they will eat you up from the inside.

They will hollow you out. You let those problems win over then you have lost the battle even before fighting.

Even if you have read all the motivational articles and quotes, whether from me or someone else, listen to motivational speakers, nothing will help unless you work on them.

Just one word.


Act on it. Learn from the mistakes. Accept your failure. It is hard and it hurts like hell when someone tells you that you are wrong when all your life you have felt that you have taken right decisions.

It hurts your pride. But this is the reality, not everything is sweet and happy.

There are bitter truths in life and we have to understand them to move on.

If we dwell on them, you break into million pieces and no one is going to put you back together. You fight alone but you win for all. Simple as that.

We all go through this. Remember, not everything is over. You are alive. Be thankful. Start again. If you have made the right decision, nothing will stop you. You have fallen, then wipe off the dust, stand again, take action.

Thank you for reading!

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