Flaunt and Flatter

Flaunt and Flatter!


Flaunt it if you have it!

Like the prosperous Chinese do.


To showcase your talent,

Let not others influence you.

If you got that endearing quirkiness,

Move your ass, and, trot it out.

Unlike the rebels,

Who just flout.

Come in the spotlight

And jibber jabber about that thing in you.

Be proud to have it,

And flatter them with the spark in you.

Flaunt your Harley, your wealth or even your bright colours,

Without bothering if you could please others.

Why to worry, when you don’t care what’s their query?

There’s a twist in everything you do,

So never put yourself into,

The trouble you would face,

If you flaunt while owing a lot.

Flatter them for the good in you,

But let not them ever forget you.


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14 Thoughts to “Flaunt and Flatter”

  1. Yogesh Pawar

    Beautiful poem

    1. Apurva Shimpi

      thank you Yogesh

  2. Saurabh Soman

    Really nice

    1. Apurva Shimpi

      Thanks Saurabh. I am glad you liked it.

  3. Apurva from nw will flaunt but I got flattered by ur poem 😉

    1. Apurva Shimpi

      Oh my God! So ultimately, I did flatter people with my poem. Thank you so much Nitin.

    1. Apurva Shimpi

      Thanks Rasika

    1. Apurva Shimpi

      Thank you

    2. Apurva Shimpi

      Yes, kind of motivating people.

  4. Pranil

    A very inspirational touch….!!

  5. Deepti

    really nyc apurva… keep it up 🙂

  6. saurabh vijay sonawane

    Keep it up…

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