GAP-Analytics (Geolocation and Places Analytics)

A travel and safety utility

World is the full of interesting places and can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time. There can be instances where people might get lost or enter unsafe areas unknowingly. To address such issues, GAP Analytics is an android app and a Web application that helps its users to know their current location, search for places of their interest like hotels, police-station, hospitals etc around them. Using android as its platform is beneficial looking at the market share of android OS as it can reach out to many people. It will help data analysts to get statistics of activity of people around a geographic location from online dash board by maintaining the privacy of the users. Smartphones are great device which are intelligent and if used properly, it can saves us from a lot of unpleasant situations. By using location services from android environment, this app provides location features. This app uses Google location API V2, Google Places API and Google Maps API in its android client application. On the server side it uses windows ASP.NET Web Services to serve client requests.


  1. Tracking (Track family/friends/colleagues and your lost phone)
  2. Geofencing (Create/Save a geographical zone and mark it as safe/danger, also automate profile and notifications when you enter such geofence)
  3. Weather (Get current weather, forecast for next 5 days and also weather of tracked person)
  4. Alerts (Send emergency alerts which will pop up on top of any other application receiver might be running)
  5. Analytics (Get statistics about danger zones through our site)
  6. NFC based indoor positioning (Hover over NFC tags to broadcast your indoor location, also automate profile)
  7. Places (Get info regarding important places like hospitals, police stations, gas stations etc. around you)
  8. SOS (Send SOS message to emergency list when in danger along with your current location through panic button)

Extra features

Geo note: Set reminder notes for a particular geofence that you create.

Scream: Ring your phone if misplaced or lost by sending SMS to your mobile. To do so, type TRACKER:RING:{your password} and send it to your mobile number.

High priority alerts: Send high priority alerts that will pop up on top any other running app on your smartphone. Use this during emergency.

Street address: Get your current address through notification area service. Get current street address with pin code.

Who’s around me?: Find out which contacts are around you within 500 meters through notification area service.

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Screen Shots

Track Activity


 Fig: Track activity

  • Show current location on map
  • See current weather for your location
  • Search for places like Police station, hospitals, restaurants etc around you.
  • Track other people on map

Notification Service


Fig: Notification service

This service always runs in the notification area. It has following three functions:

  1. Who’s around me? This feature notifies you about your friends/family/colleagues who are within 500 meters range around you.
  2. Current Street Address: This function shows your current street address along with latitude and longitude
  3. SOS: This function sends distress message with your current location to your contact list. It sends two messages, first being push notification that tries you track your live location and second being the SMS which gives position when SOS button was pressed.


Add Geofence


Fig: Add geofence

Add Geofence: This option is available from map activity after long touch on google map.

  • Enter a unique name for every new geofence.
  • Select radius of geofence, by default it will be set to 100 meters.



Fig: Search places

Search important places around you like Hospitals, Police stations, Petrol punps, Food points etc.

 Place – Hospitals


Fig: Places-hospitals

 Demo of Place search showing hospitals around your location.

Weather Forecast


Fig: Weather forecast

This activity shows weather forecast of current location for next 5 days.

NFC Writer Activity

9Fig: NFC Write Activity

  • Broadcast indoor location
  • Change profile of your phone.
  • Use NFC tag as a sticky note.

My Location Wiki


Fig: My Location wiki

This is a webview of android that will load the information about current city of user.


Users of this app can be sure about the movement of their near and dear ones. People can track and get valuable information about their surrounding environment through Google Places API. We can make proper use of smart phones as an intelligent devices by using its features like wifi , mobile network data and GPS. Thus, city planners, analysts and security services can use this project to study location patterns and monitor people about their geo-points of interest.

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