Him and Her

Him and Her

“You are the most beautiful thing i ever saw” he said with love in his eyes;

“But look at those even more beautiful stars  and the way they twinkle ” she said, not willing to believe his lies.

” Just like your eyes” he said and smiled;

And looking at that heavenly smiled; in love, she immediately died.

“the sound of you laughter brings joy to my life” he said with his crooked smile;

” But those christmas jingle bells bring even more joy to the world!” She said , fearing she was his exile.

“Just like your laughter” he said and leaned closer;

And seeing the way his smile reached his eyes, she knew he chose her.

“Yours words soothe me like a verse from the holy books” he confessed with peace in his ways;

“But the verse are written by most beautiful souls”  she said, thinking where his objective lays.

“So is yours ” he said, with so much honesty;

And she began to doubt her destiny.

” I want to spend every second of my life, breathing for you” he proposed. His heart thumping loud

“But…” She said..doubting herself again… scared, as those words made her vision cloud;

“Just say yes, baby” he said, with his heart in his hand.

“Yes.” Was the best word she ever uttered, for the first time in her life, at herself; she was not mad.

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