How to utilize your break time while studying

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How to utilize your break time while studying

At times, you take a break from studying, tempted, you end up checking your phone for a few minutes to check social media or play some games to relax.

Those who are off social media don’t have that much problem but those who have recently started distancing themselves from social media find it hard to stay away and end up going back against their will.

The 5 minutes break turns into 10 minutes break which sometimes turns up to an hour of a break! It may not happen all the time or to everyone but it happens to the best of us. But there are ways to utilize your time and at the same time keep the distance from social media and other distractions.

Most time is spent on facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, snapchat etc. It has no value addition. It is temporary entertainment. But there are many good websites and apps on the internet which can help you learn and utilize your break.

  1. :

This website is wonderful to learn new words in a fun way. It has a simple user interface and you level up as you answer more questions. It converts the learning process into a game and you learn a lot along the way. It also has the feature of creating a custom list for words you have difficulty learning.

The link:

  1. Arithmetic Game:

This is a really great website for increasing your calculation speed. All of us understand the importance of fast calculation for entrance exams; you can do it in the form of a speed drill game.

It consists of basic functions, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can edit the range of numbers as per your suitability and comfort and increase it gradually. You can also set the duration. You will definitely see improvement with regular use of this website.

The link:

  1. Quora:

Most of you know this website already, for those who don’t, it’s a question and answer website which is really sophisticated compared to other Q’n’A websites. It has a simple user interface, you can register with your email or Facebook, select topics you are interested in and you can ask or answer questions. You can also read answers given by other people for various commonly asked questions. The only thing to care about is not to get carried away with irrelevant topics which are not useful to you.

The link:

  1. Medium:

This website is great for reading articles from authors and writers all around the world. It has a huge range of topics. Again, the interface is simple, you register with your email and that’s it. Most of the articles are well written and can help you form opinions regarding various current or static issues all around the world. Whatever interests you, this website has it.

The link:

  1. Coursera:

You can use this website to learn almost anything; it has a variety of courses to choose from. It has paid as well as free courses. Paid courses will provide you with a certification, which free course doesn’t.  Courses range from universities all around the world. It is a great educational website with good quality videos and study material.

The link:

  1. General Knowledge:

There are already a plethora of websites and apps which can help you with increasing your general knowledge but the most fun way to do it is with quizzes. You can follow any website you want. Search on google and there you go. Quizzes help to retain the answers and you can revisit them anytime you want.

There are a lot more websites and apps, if all are added then this list will go on for a long time. These are my personal favourites and serve the purpose. However, feel free to search for something that suits your taste. These are the best ones in my opinion and it can definitely utilize your break time and keep you away from distractions while increasing your knowledge. I hope this list will help you.

Enjoy your break time in a better way!

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