I am an Indian

I am an Indian!

But I love watching Hollywood films. I get carried away by those foreign sitcoms.
In addition to appreciating excellent  American comedies, more importantly, I am amazed by the lifestyle they have adapted!
Look at the way they dress, the way they present themselves, the way they eat: how sophisticated!
Exactly up to the mark! They enjoy their freedom, they respect each individual’s privacy.
What on Earth would happen if Indians stop to intervene in each other’s lives! I wonder why don’t we implement these values.” I talk about such things every time I am drunk! Then I suddenly realise those two kissing at the corner seat at the lounge and I start gossiping about them to my mates.
How ironic is this! I talk all piece of shit may be just to demonstrate I am way beyond this Indian mentality but trust me guys, how much efforts we take, agree to the fact that we Indians love to interfere. It’s irresistible! 🙂 . I believe if we stop gossiping about other’s lives, we won’t have anything to talk about, no?
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