Let go the obsolete ones!

Let go the obsolete ones!

Guys, everyone I see is either complaining, yelling or whining. So what this complaining is all about? I just wanna shout out to you all that: Let us revolutionalise ourselves; our thought process. Care less and get that attitude to defeat. Let us stand right in the middle of the hurdle and ask it: so what’s the plan for tonight? Having asked, let us go ahead and react. Dude, I’m gonna dodge you. Why not animals complain even when we chop them into pieces and smash them and cook few of them? Because they don’t feel the pain in their asses? Or is it because they can’t? Why not the richest complain about money? Because he has it enough? Why not the poorest of all complain about a living? Because it is mentioned in some mythological book that they have to survive anyhow and keep suffering?

 Who complains?

Supposedly, a child does! Because he is the innocent one, an immature amicable fellow. And later what happens when puberty hits and all the adrenaline stuff overpowers all other sensible hormones? Biologically, after puberty, you tend to become a socially sensible and a responsible fellow with the knowledge of ways of using brains to its capacity. Whereas, I don’t see any of this happening at human end. You do not complain for what you have. You do it for what you expect and when you are found disappointed. As it goes: God helps those who help themselves; likewise you are the only gadget that can plead you and surprise you and take you towards your reach; none will be forth when needed. Not a thing, not a human!

Complaining will never help, I bet. Show that you’ve already hit puberty and prove that you are ready to accept whatever wants to deal with you and in the end you just have to mould your enemies into a grotesque figure, and ultimately you get stronger and happier than anybody else.

It seems funny, but I want to jot down the harms caused by complaining:

  1. Looks like you are still a kid.
  2. You seem like an idiotic douche-bag.
  3. You’ll lose friendships because people would puke on your face when you appear to them.


That’s it. I guess, I have rightly conveyed what I wanted to. If still doesn’t help, guy you need to visit: http://positivesharing.com

See you soon with my next blog post!

Till then, happy reading! 😀

Apurva Shimpi

Apurva Shimpi

HOD Guest Blogs at Universe of Thoughts
B.E (EnTC), KPIT Technologies -
A lady with a passion! I write to break the stereotypes.
Apurva Shimpi

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Apurva Shimpi

Apurva Shimpi

B.E (EnTC), KPIT Technologies - A lady with a passion! I write to break the stereotypes.

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  1. Chetan says:

    worth reading… keep it up Apurva

  2. vilas says:

    Nicely written by you, worth reading keep it up.!

  3. anirudh says:

    Nice one

  4. Neha says:

    Good job Apurva..! ?

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