Love me like you do

images (1)Tring Tring……..Tring Tring……Tring…..oooooh… A look at who is calling, mobile screen shows that name….hmm oooh la la ,smile on face and then after picking up the call that person says,”Where are you, baby, I am waiting for you, wind up with your work, run and reach me my love”….. hmmm,, OMG and then happy waves triggered mind and body to run up to that destination and search out for the only one…….Isn’t it? ha ha ha you cant ignore this fact…..Then the only option left was to sell your time for that person, but with the profit of bonding building up day by day….


Crazy love drives us more and more crazy………That first date? remember you asking your friends how to treat the futuristic second half,, struggle to make up enough money to spend, arranging bike, destroying your wardrobe to search for perfect clothes and if not satisfied then destroying friends wardrobe. Stupid mind making its way in a world full of madness and then that atmosphere where that person was waiting for you….ooooo lala ,,, that person seemed to look too good, then your inferior complex making you feel awkward but then the person cries out that you are looking cool….. haha ,, sigh of relief…. and hence another story begun which covers its stages in cafe shops, movie theaters, gardens, etc in some cases bus stop, college, food stalls ….LOL…

Hmm, the first sight, the first handshake, the era when the mirror was harassed to show yourself that you are best,etc…..The first handshake confirming your Love agreement, the cutest hug that confirmed your importance in his/her life, the first kiss that cemented your place in his/her heart….enough…rather than description, understanding these feelings is important ..LOL


That party where you both went along with your friends, then that shy face when your friends teased you during dance, truth and dare games etc…..Those party lights hiding their paths, those speakers crying out music, those friends who felt jealous because your importance vehicle arrived, stuck at that person,,…… hmmm then that eye contact, merging in, those eyes expressing something which you could never from your mouth….that first couple dance that made your understanding better,, then those words that person whispered “Thank you, my love,, I love you”…. and at last your thirsty ears heard, recorded and stored it for lifelong.

Those sleepless nights, those phone calls, those Whats ap chats, those meetings, those selfies, those gifts, those memories….and it goes on and on….The ultimate truth turns out that you are helpless, lifeless without that person…. Yes, now your heart knows its victim of the so-called fortunate disease that was LOVE. The only disease where pain gives pleasure, days and nights are no longer functions of a solar system, the only era when mobile holds the most important data in life etc,,,…….. This disease become source of happiness which is the biggest irony of life.. You start enjoying this puzzle, which you try to solve but you cant solve, After many efforts its still unsolved and you want it to be same lifelong…..Great LOVE.

Your heart was an empty page and that person wrote his/her name forever, which you never try to erase. You began to read something, understand something else and apply something else…..

Your heart needs a treatment and that person is your doctor who always cures it and gives a lifelong therapy that heart applies and then it goes “Love me like you do,, la la Love me like you do”


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Swati purkar

haha.. damn true..



sagar gunjal



Awesome chetz….fully satisfied

Shakir choudhary

It’s to good and Awesome