Ultimate Love Poems – 10 Best Love Poems of All Time

Love Poems

Love Poems by Neetu Singh

Love Poems


The days they spent together

He still wishes to live in them forever


The roads they travelled may have parted

But for him, yet not departed.


Their talks may have ceased.

Yet, his love didn’t recede.


The memories are now a haze.

He couldn’t escape that maze.


Her presence is diminished one in his life.

But he is firm to always stay by her side.


This state leaves him strangled

Where he is still entangled..!

All I Want

In Love, I crave for No perfection

A soulmate, A True companion

…is all I want


Mere roadside long walks

In Endless mingling talks..

…is all I want


Let me be your lady in royal

With eternal your love n loyal

…is all I want


Don’t desire for colossal empire

Perpetual togetherness

…is all I want

 Was it…..???

Was it my fault..?
That I didn’t take a halt.


Was I too kind n humble?
That it left me shambles.


Was it too much I gave?
Another chance and forgave.


Was it for the shared bond?
That I stayed too long.


Was it direr to hold?
Instead when I could be bold.


Was there still some hope?
That I didn’t let it lope.



He was the ocean

Too deep though.

Stretched over miles

Untraceable shores.

She could sense the whirl

Under the calm surface.

The eddies she left

Made her heart pace.

The fear of drowning

Didn’t stop her from exploring.

Eye to soul

She longed to explore

In Blues


It was the time when I was low

The reason behind it

Had become something difficult to know


Mired in thoughts

I could hardly sort


It was becoming dire

Seemed like quagmire


More I tried to come out

The deeper I was going

And it was something grave

My mind wasn’t knowing


The fear let me down

Or u not being around


Everything I thought

Was Making me frown

Efforts to cheer up


Were all in vain

The strength to endure

Was all I could aim..!



Her words caused ripples.

Her verses could raise storms.



Pacify hearts.



Was it the magic of words?



It was her empathy

Her sensitivity

Her Emotions

Her deep-rooted feelings

That indeed was magical!



Her eyes always searched for answers

But her tongue didn’t dare to ask..!

Somewhere her mind  knew;
That her heart could not confront it..!!

The questions still resonant in her mind

Still unanswered..!!

For her to be at peace.



She swept away his grief

With an acquaintance so brief


For his parched self

She was the oasis to help


When he went through hell

She was heaven to dwell


Her arrival was his hope

She never stayed but loped


Just like waves and  shore

Their relation oared.

Still beautiful..!!

She may have been broken

But with her broken pieces

….she is still beautiful.


She may have been harmed

But with her burns and bruises

….she is still beautiful.


She may have been injured

But with her scars

….she is still beautiful.


She may have had hard times

But in her despair

…..she is still beautiful.


She may have not been perfect

But with her imperfections

……she is still beautiful.



How can she play with flames.?

And that too so graciously.!!

They wondered.


The fire was within her.

Stewing in her mind.

If she can contain it, how can she not play with it?


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