First Love

love“First Love” these are the two words that mount an image in your mind, which either made your life meaningful or vice versa. Read the sentence again to understand its depth and analyze the result.

Do you remember your first love? yes no? of course yes, because that was the only time when the sun began to rise from the west and set in the east, the time when sleeping late became a habit, lunch and dinner time went on strike and all these things never ever improved in life.

Let us travel in past, in school days or college days. The day when you saw that person, the first strong feeling of having that person in your life, the burning desire to talk with him/her, the eagerness to know whether that person is interested in you or not etc. The struggle to make most of the time spent with him/her, the struggle of putting a strong impression etc.

After all that struggle, the curiosity to share your feelings, then the stress of question to be answered by the person, the act of waiting for that positive response and then finally you got tied up. Hurrah you earned a person and this is the biggest achievement according to you. Then comes the act of building it strong, nurturing it with multiples meets, holding it together with outings and strengthening it with solving disputes. Saving money for a movie, concealing other problems to stay together etc so many things happen.

Then comes the saddest part that so-called population says “Break Up”. Variety of reasons behind it, ranging from ego problems to caste issues etc. Finally getting it in worse condition and then repenting about what happened. A heavy toll on studies, health, emotions and social life. The time required to move on holds you back to cling on another person. It ends with tears, addiction, pain and too much pain. Finally, you end up earning other person and cycle repeats.

The magic of first love is untold and very pure. You genuinely have feelings for that person, you are honest and loyal. You always hide the pain you took to keep it together, firm and long-lasting. Sometimes you made a mistake and other times your better half. The act of switching to another person after first pain will only sustain for short time because now you hold feelings of physical pleasure rather than emotional ones. So finally pure words like trust, honesty, loyalty, and commitment get eliminated from your life forever. But some odds from you become career oriented and matured too.

Crazy world, crazy people, and crazy love………..But at the end, you never ever forget your FIRST LOVE

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  1. very true bro….keep it up…???

  2. Renuka Mudaliar

    Very true n beautifuly writtern chetan..?

  3. Sujata Manohar Matale

    U hav put reality….in jst awesome way

  4. Swati purkar

    awesome.. well written..

  5. Swati purkar

    awesome.. keep it up. .

  6. Ajay singh

    loved it brother…keep going..keep writing

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