Scored Low In MBA Exams? Don’t Give Up!

Scored Low In MBA Exams? Don’t Give Up!

Life is a war. This will never change. No matter where you are from, where were you brought up, how have you been living your life so far, life remains and will remain a war.
This applies to every aspect in our lives, I am struggling and you must be struggling too. We all struggle, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

But right now, let’s focus on the MBA struggle.
Many of you must have missed a chance at your dream b-school either due to low percentile or loss of interest or any other plethora of reasons.
The point is, every person has to fight themselves. It is really hard to push ourselves to the extreme limit and out of our comfort zone when we feel that it is just better to give up or feel that you are not worthy enough to be at any XYZ b-school of your dreams.
You may think that I will settle for whichever b-school I get into because you fear that after taking a gap year what if I still get lower percentile? Will a gap have a effect on my profile? What will happen then? Where will I go? What will family say, society say? What will become of me?


This fear will never go. It is a risk you have to take. If you are going to do an MBA then you should be ready to take risks too, right?
This is just a part of life, for the first 25 to 30 years of your life, the struggle is always there, it could be financial or something else. The important thing is to embrace whatever life throws at you. It is hard, and you will be compelled to fall back to the idea of giving up and settling for what you have right now. But look at the other aspects, you give up and go in any bschool, you will be struggling for your WHOLE LIFE!
A year’s worth of gap wont look bad when you graduate from a reputed b-school.
And if you settle for a any b-school then this question will haunt you, ‘What if I had taken a gap back then and performed to my best ability?’ And then at that time you might regret that I should have given myself another chance.

Consider this scenario: A friend of yours took a gap, got a temporary job and worked hard and then joined one of the top b-schools and after 2 years he has a package of 20+ lakhs.
On the other hand, you decided, either due to your own fear or due to someone else’s wish that you have to join whichever college you get this year or else you are done for, and then after two years you get a package of 5+ lakhs.
By the time you will reach at 20+ lakhs package with your work experience, your friend would have reached a much much higher package and position.

Now, what do you think which route values more?
The risk and its reward or the no risk no reward. I will leave it up to you.

Remember this:
“Anything worth having, never comes easy”

All the hard work, all the pain, all the struggles, they will pay off, and in the future you will thank yourself for taking the right decision.
Keep on hustling, keep on fighting but most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP.

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