MBA Internships – Mistakes to avoid during Internship Selection

Mistakes to avoid while selecting MBA Internships

An internship is a crucial phase in the life of MBA Student so selection plays an important role. You can complete your internship in any sector provided it justifies your specialization.

An internship will give you Corporate Exposure, the Ground level reality of fancy jobs, Build Professional Network, Opportunity to get Pre-Placement Offer etc.


Avoid the mistakes related to the factors mentioned below:


1.  Read the Job Description Carefully

MBA Internships

Recently, I came across many MBA Students who wanted to apply for Internships but hardly know anything about the given Job Description. It’s is advised to carefully read the given JD and understand what is the Role and Responsibilities.

Many companies might mention JD with sugar coated words but the hidden surprise would end at a CORE SALES job.

2. Paid or Free Internship

MBA Internships

I personally believe that paid internship is always better because money motivates to perform better. It usually happens in Tier 3 B-Schools that good brands hardly provide any stipend for an internship tenure.

It’s personal call whether to work for free or rather get paid for the efforts you put in during internship phase

3. Brand or a Startup

MBA Internships

There are students who desperately want to work for a good brand and not a startup. Always remember that in a brand company you would do something that is traditional or restricted to some extent. In a startup, you would get overall experience in the different department like Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations etc.

Students want a brand company name on the resume which is not a bad idea but don’t neglect the exposure that you get in a startup.

4. Don’t stick to Given Work Only

MBA Internships

Most of the students will end up internship by completing tasks given by their immediate boss. It will be a favour for the boss but think about what extra did you accomplish during internship phase. Try to collect reports on tasks that are not assigned to you.

Example: If task is to perform a market research on Biscuits consumption in a particular area then you can collect information based on types of biscuits, SKU’s available, top companies in this segment, etc. in addition to assigned task.

5. Lack of Network

MBA Internships

During the internship phase, you will meet a lot of people who are from the industry, fieldwork team, production team etc. Try to establish a healthy network with them. Try to gain knowledge from them as they are the right people in this regard.

Do find their profiles on LinkedIn and push a connection request. You never know when an opportunity would hit your smartphone in near future related to Placements.


MBA Students can talk to the Placement committee regarding Internship Opportunities. Most of the good MBA Colleges have companies visiting their campuses for Internship recruitment.

If that doesn’t seem to work then following platforms can be helpful:

  1. Internshala
  2. Lets Intern
  3. Indeed
  4. Glassdoor
  5. Twenty19


For Live Project/Off Summers/ Part-time internships refer Awign

The above platforms shall help MBA Students to get internships in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.

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