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MBA in Marketing VS MBA in Finance?

MBA in Marketing or MBA in Finance

I have written an article on “Which MBA Specialization to choose?”. I have already mentioned Job Profiles, which colleges to target, scope and, salaries one can expect in that article, so those parameters won’t be included here again. I would suggest reading that first then come back to this article.



This article is a direct comparison between two of those specializations: Marketing and Finance.


Choosing a specialization is related to your genuine interest in that field and also some personality traits can help you decide which one could be better suited for you. However, don’t choose a specialization solely based on personality traits, you have to consider all the aspects. With this, let’s compare them on various parameters

MBA in Marketing VS MBA in Finance

Educational BackgroundAny graduation degree. It is all about learning how to promote and introduce products to organizations and customers.Any graduation degree provided you genuinely are interested in finance. It is most suited for people with a commerce degree as they have knowledge related to finance. But this in no way means that other graduates won’t be able to do well.
Technical SkillsKnowledge of marketing strategies.

Good understanding of Demand Supply in the market.

Ability to approach to sell/persuade/communicate with customers.

Good understanding of target customers.

Market research, branding, promotion are other skills required.
Excel and macros skill.

Understanding of financial Analysis and financial planning.

Capital budgeting, risk management etc.

Analytical skills and know how of financial tools.

You will be required to remember a lot of formulas to arrive at certain values. Knowledge of these values and statistical tools is essential.
Personal SkillsCreative Ideas and Out-of-the-box thinking

Exceptional Communication skills (Communication to customers or organizations)

Critical Thinking

Situation Handling

Always eager  for learning new technology

Result Oriented

Hunger to persuade knowledge
Analytical skills


Oriented approach

Inquisitive mind

Able to cope with meticulous research

Sharp memory

Cautious in taking a risk

Ability to work for an extended time period


These parameters may apply to some and not to others. There are skills which can be learned and some which are part of our personalities. If a person is eager to learn due to their own interest then whichever specialization is chosen a person is bound to do good there. It all boils down to doing what you like and choosing what appeals and interest you the most. I hope this clears some of the confusion out there. Thanks for reading! All the best for your future endeavours!



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