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MBA in Marketing VS MBA in Finance?

MBA in Marketing or MBA in Finance

I have written an article on “Which MBA Specialization to choose?”. I have already mentioned Job Profiles, which colleges to target, scope and, salaries one can expect in that article, so those parameters won’t be included here again. I would suggest reading that first then come back to this article.



This article is a direct comparison between two of those specializations: Marketing and Finance.


Choosing a specialization is related to your genuine interest in that field and also some personality traits can help you decide which one could be better suited for you. However, don’t choose a specialization solely based on personality traits, you have to consider all the aspects. With this, let’s compare them on various parameters

[table id=7 /]


These parameters may apply to some and not to others. There are skills which can be learned and some which are part of our personalities. If a person is eager to learn due to their own interest then whichever specialization is chosen a person is bound to do good there. It all boils down to doing what you like and choosing what appeals and interest you the most. I hope this clears some of the confusion out there. Thanks for reading! All the best for your future endeavours!



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