A simple definition of the said topic would be something which is not understood the way it was meant. Today the topic holds a great importance because this word has been used by all of us many times. Its favorite word for those involved in relationships and are struggling to make it through.

So let us get this with an example. Conversation in a fight.

Girl: You will get a better girl

Boy: Â Relation is not a toy, that once I have finished playing then will switch to another

Girl: You think that I m playing with you as a toy. How dare you….Bla Bla Bla….

And this goes on and on. I think explanation not required for above example because its simple to get that boy want to hold up by making the girl realize but the girl fails to understand.

Let’s get into the analysis. I think almost all of the related disputes are a result of misunderstandings. There are various cases that lead to this unavoidable instance. It is better we understand the causes and consequences.

Cause no 1: Lack of trust

This is the most vital cause which gives rise to irreparable damages. When we don’t have trust in someone then if the person is explaining you some things that will prove fruitful then you tend to misunderstand it. You think that person is dominating you, restricting you, making you his slave etc. If you have shear trust with your partner then this cause never comes up but this happens rarely.The reason being a formal relationship in which you aren’t sure about partner’s intention.

Cause no 2: Cant speak and presumptions

There are many people around us who fail to speak out what they actually want to. Their shy nature and fear of what to speak put a wrong impression in eyes of their former partner. When they don’t get words to talk, describe or fight then they tend to be quiet. This silence is misunderstood by partner and he thinks that person with whom we are dealing with is at all not bothered.

Cause no 3: Situations

Situations play an important role in creating misunderstandings. If a situation arises where you find your partner with best friend or X then you tend to think very weirdly without knowing what exactly might be going between them. This often happens with people having doubt eyes.

Cause no 4: Body language

Whenever there is an argument your body language decides what exactly you think and want from the partner. We will never say it out but body language reveals what we are feeling inside.

Cause no 5: Intentional

There are some crazy nuts around us who think they are great ones blessed by God. They think of future and with a view that things will not work they tend to behave in an odd manner purposely. This surely traps the other partner and hence lead to disputes.

Consequences: There might be more reasons behind this undesirable act but the important thing is what does it lead to?…. It leads to unbearable pain for those who are serious about their loved ones. Your thoughts branch out many times leading to mood swings, anger, depression and ultimately sorrows.

Misunderstanding is the biggest defense for those who are engrossed in saving a relationship. You all will accept it because of its a fact and simplest reason to defend. Many of them go apart because of this disease because they let this grow inside them and it breaks out at the time when it becomes highly incurable. Whats the use of opening up that time.. come on we go to a doctor when we feel uneasy and not at the time when uneasiness will shift us to I.C.U. If you understand this then why impartial treatment. Why you start misinterpreting the explanations of the former partner. You always try to deal it with your level of perception and end up with arguments for no cause.

Solution: Let me conclude. To save yourself from turmoil caused by this disease you should learn to keep faith in your partner. He/ she might be wrong but explain that with your consciousness rather than misunderstandings. Never compare your partner with anyone otherwise you will end up losing him/her. Be transparent and this disease will be eliminated from the root.

So I hope you get the lesson for today… Bye

(*Partner means friend, life partner, colleague etc)

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