Mural Art

Mural Art


Mural painting is any piece of art that is done on a permanent surface. This type of painting was anciently practiced in temples. Also you may find fine mural art paintings.

sujata matale MURAL1

The mural art work is painted or applied directly on a wall or ceiling. Now a days some wall paintings are painted on large canvas which are then attached to the wall. One can also practice or do mural work on plywood. Cut the plywood in shape you want. Shapes can be such as representing some scene or some designs that represent god’s will signs or flowers. So, you can have any shaped plywood cut for your mural art. On this ply make objects that you want and color it with acrylic colors or oil colors. In this way mural art is ready and permanent, you can hang this in your house on wall or fixed permanently on wall.
Murals are important in that they bring art into the public sphere. Murals can be a relatively effective tool of social activities. To show this creativity I sell mural paintings and also take classes for it.
sujata matale MURAL
 Many projects have been using murals to create tourist attraction in order to boost economic income. People choose to display the traditional art and culture of their society or events from their history in their homes.

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Very energetic post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?