New definition of Love

definition_of_love_by_little_miss_splendid-d39arjmNew definition of Love

Hello guys.. I am so happy about my last blogs and all your comments.. Today i am  back with another critical issue. I am criticizing the current scenario so those who dont like the tone of writing please focus on content rather than tone.
          Its very easy to explain the said topic with an example. There were two engineering students; a boy and a girl. Both of them came from very good family  background and were bold by nature. Boy was very sound in extra curricular but an emotional fool within. Girl on other hand was very well mannered who managed family and studies very well. There was a coincident which made these two fall for each other and they decided to continue with this unconditional world of feelings. Everything was going well and suddenly girl realizes importance of family and commitment and there started a big problem.. The boy went steps ahead in so called “Relation” and girl decided to quit with a solid valid reason about family, both of them were right at their places. Things begin to descend and became worst for the boy because boys have a habit of not expressing what they really feel. So too much of complications and misunderstandings and boy suffered hell and girl was managing well. They both began to misunderstand each other by their negative side of nature..
Moral came out to be hatred towards each others for their negative side of nature.

I wonder why people want everything so perfect. I mean they want life partner of their choices, they dream someone who will understand them, who will always stand for them. I dont understand why we  are not ready to accept both bad and good aspect of someone’s nature. It feels like heaven when things go according to our wish but then it feels like hell when things dont fall in their places and we end up with breaking relation, finding someone to flirt with, taking support of alcohol etc to compensate those feelings, to immediately find the next true person, to spend more time with friends etc. Today we have a trend of forgetting the good done by the person and judging him by his one mistake and then finally moving apart.

If we cant accept the person as he/she is then who gave us permission to call it as love. Its called LIFE TIME INVESTMENT OF FAKED UP LOVE WHICH CHANGES ITS DIRECTION ACCORDING TO WIND OF GOOD AND BAD TIMES. Everything in this world which is established needs proper care and maintenance. Ask yourself do you throw your bike or car when it cease to work properly ? Answer is no. You will put it in garage and get it repaired. A non living thing needs to be maintained for efficient working then Relations are ofcourse more than non living thing.

Lets understand it better. Mother has so much of her world entangled in her child. Even if her child comes home late night then first question is “did you had your food if not then sit i will serve” she can judge our face very well. This is true love. Our mother knows our behavior very well still she never alters her love towards us. Very simple example to understand.

According to me if you believe you love someone then just see whether you are able to accept the person with his other masked face , if not then as i said you belong to investment plan category. Love is unconditional if you love someone let him/her fly in open sky of thoughts and desires, if he/she comes back then that person is yours and if not then make yourself understand that person was never ever yours. As simple as this.
So if you cant define your love within limits and its beyond physical comforts then you are on right track otherwise crosscheck your partner today itself and you will be happy or repent whole your life…… Try it.
Thank you all.

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Design King-Queen
Design King-Queen

very nice

manjusha khatale
manjusha khatale

very true chetan..



Sujata Manohar Matale
Sujata Manohar Matale

The real situation…