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Poems on Life

Poems on Life by Yash Wagle

Poems on Life

Life is something where words will fall short to express its aspects. Let’s narrow it down and look at some poems that makes us relate with Life.



The more you love, the more you lose it,

the more you hold it, and the less you get it.


People meet us, greet us.


Some friends are for name sake,

true friends are hard to find from the fake.


Friends are easy to make in this world,

only true ones help when life seems in a catapult.


Try to be happy with what you have my friend,

no one in this world is satisfied with life,

create a person full of optimism,

live without ego & learn to sacrifice.




Life isn’t so easy to enjoy,

because it is made of sorrow & joy.


People come & pass by as the sands of time flow away,

it’s always up to you to make a happy day.


The more you live life,

the more it seems beautiful and bright,

the more you waste it,

the more bitter it tastes like a dreadful fight.


You are no one to judge people here,

first look at yourself my dear.


Everyone has faults one knows,

live life with friends and family as it goes.


Have faith in GOD & keep walking without fear,

just give a nod to all challenges when they are near.


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The more you think about yourself,

more you lose yourself.


Never lose hope for work, you will

one day buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Merc.


Buy time, save money,

have friends, & enlarge your tummy.


Work for poor people & be kind,

in the end you can die freely with a peaceful mind.


Live life for the people & that happiness will count,

when you look back in the past those memories will mount.


Though the importance of it is only known by few,

live life as if you were again new.

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Very nice and meaningful poem Yash
Keep writing like this

Yash Wagle
Yash Wagle

Thanks a lot Geetanjali for your wonderful comments! I hope I will keep you interested in reading my written stuffs! God bless!


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