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Poems on Life by Neetu Singh

poems on life



As she closes her eyes,
She delves in a world that hides.


Where the bright sun reflects on her face,
As if it is unveiling some haze.


Where flower laden way would welcome her feet,
And the plants would dance to her beat.


Where all seems perfect and nothing is wrong,
And life to her is a merry song.


Where she is her own queen,
And lives what she dreams.


But to her dismay, the reality is not the same,
Infact it is a convoluted game.


For one is indebted to an equal share,
Whether its love or despair.


And one has to  face ups and downs,
Before one owns the crown.


There is success and fails,
Because darling its life, not a fairy tale.

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Chetan Bagul

Great work Neetu. Keep it up.


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