Poster Rangoli

Poster Rangoli

“Appreciating god’s creation is the assurance that God is with us. “

What comes to your mind when you hear the word nature?

It is the God’s gift given to us with beautiful colors and creativity. It just looks like a pattern made of different colors and shapes in asymmetrical manner. Similarly rangoli is the art and I have tried to put this art by colors of rangoli to resemble the nature with my own creativity. These poster rangoli or nature rangoli is viewed as three-dimensional art complete with shadings. Using colors creatively can turn a simple picture into a beautiful real world nature. This is all nothing but a creative expression of art through the use of colors. So poster rangoli is fine art.

Sujata Matale Rangoli
Sujata matale rangoli 2 (1)

Sujata Matale Rangoli 1 (1)

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    Very Beautiful rangoli…hats off to ua talent ..damn creative person ua.

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