Query on reduction of CMAT score during merit generation.

All QuestionsCategory: DTE CAP RoundsQuery on reduction of CMAT score during merit generation.
GURPREET KAUR asked 8 months ago

My CMAT percentile is 99.41 All India category. I will apply with CMAT score only.
Can you please tell when all india merit number is given, is there any normalization process for candidates applying with only CMAT percentile?
In that case, does the percentile get reduced for comparison with students applying with MH-CET score?

If there is no change in percentile, then can i compare CMAT score – 99.41 with the InstitutewiseAllotmentList of 2017 year given for all 4 cap rounds for each institute and know which institute closed the seat allocation at which score. This way I will know the institute which I might get this year. Is that correct?

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Chetan Bagul Staff answered 8 months ago

To be frank, the actual logic of DTE behind the scores comparison is unknown but right now for time being, you can definitely compare without considering normalization.

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nana answered 5 months ago


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