Which score to be considered?

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Arpan Banerjee asked 3 weeks ago

I am OMS Candidate. I have got 99.76% in CMAT, 99.55% in MH-CET and 92% in CAT. This is my 1st time giving both the exams so I don’t know much about CAP round procedures. I wanted to know which of my above scores will be considered for my CAP rounds? Will they ask me as to which score I would like to submit or take the best of my above scores? Also with my above scores is it possible for me to get K J Somaiya through CAP?

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Chetan Bagul Staff answered 2 weeks ago

You can enter all entrance exam scores(CAT, CET, CMAT). DTE will choose the best score and then college will be allocated accordingly. Let the merit numbers come out then I can be more clear on college predictions

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ARPAN BANERJEE replied 7 days ago

Thank You

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