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MBA with a Specialization in Marketing

An MBA in marketing is very dynamic and competitive and has therefore recently become one of the most desired MBA degrees of all. An MBA in marketing will help enhance one’s skills & knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising, public relations, etc.

One needs to have excellent communication skills and resource mobilization skills, creativity and an undying zeal to excel in marketing and at the top marketing MBA programs out there. This specialization can help accelerate entry and progress in some of the most competitive fields: marketing, advertising, and public relations.

An MBA in marketing does not limit the degree holder to just careers in marketing, however, as marketing skills can successfully be combined with other skills in order to make a person become a better consultant or entrepreneur, just to name two examples. Marketing is, after all, required in most industries and tasks, making an MBA with a specialization in marketing one of the most diverse MBA options out of them all.

MBA with Specialization in Finance

An MBA in finance is the oldest form of MBA specialization and probably one of the most popular. In the US, the finance department has become a battleground for business school supremacy. With the high profile of Wall Street amongst MBA recruiters, finance is one of the most eminent disciplines.
An MBA in finance prepares you in various subjects, such as costing, management accounting, and control, budgeting, international finance, banking, privatization, capital management, etc. The course will emphasize various aspects of financial theories, identification of best managerial practices in the area. After studying these subjects, the graduate becomes specialized in financial management, enabling him or her to work in the finance department of any organization. One becomes eligible for exciting careers in banks, financial consulting firms, and financial institutions. One can get involved in consumer and investment banking, institutional finance, merchant banking, corporate finance and international finance.

MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources

An MBA in human resources is for those wanting to develop a management career in HR and strategy. The top human resources MBA programs out there teach you the kind of skills managers need in order to bring in and retain a strong workforce, from initial recruitment to the effective training and development of employees. This includes labor markets, international leadership, recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff amenities.

If one has good communication skills and a charismatic personality and is dependable and confident, an MBA in HR can be just the thing. Graduating from the best HR MBA programs can definitely lead to a key role in managing a company’s most important asset – its people.

MBA with a Specialization in Information Systems/IT/Technology

In this technologically advanced world, no business can run without solid IT support and proper IT management. An MBA in information technology is designed to educate & develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, usage, and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies.

Graduates with an MBA in information technology play essential roles on the business team, typically designing and implementing hardware and software solutions to business problems. They hold professional positions in areas such as client/server or web applications development, systems analysis, and network administration.

MBA with a Specialization in Industry/Operations

Operations management is the corporate area in charge of designing, managing and tracking different processes. These processes are made up of interrelated, sequential activities through which the components and actors required (raw materials, labor, capital, information, the client, etc.) are transformed into products. The key is the value added through the process as perceived by the customer, i.e. the end product has a greater value than the elements pre-process. Companies now need a new kind of supply chain/logistics/operations manager and this need has led to the creation of an MBA in supply chain management or logistics & operations. An MBA in operations teaches the student how to deal with production management or shop floor management. An operations management MBA specialization looks at how products, services, and supply chains are designed and managed. One learns how to maintain process flows and to develop vendor and inter-departmental relationships. Most candidates with engineering backgrounds go for an MBA in operations, as it gives them an edge over their peers in product development and designing and in process optimization.



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