SIES GD PI 2018 experience

SIES GD PI 2018 experience

Hi guys,
My GDPI was in the Navi Mumbai campus itself.
Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Vidyapuram, Plot 1-E, Sector V, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra on 5th April.

Documents to carry:

Admit card
A brief summary of your application form
Photo ID proof (original and photocopy)
All relevant documents you uploaded while filling the application form.

Try to reach the venue 30 mins prior the reporting time mentioned on your admit card. The candidates the assembled in a waiting room. Make yourself comfortable and try to interact with other candidates to boost your confidence.

Registration and verification

After some time they called us for registration and verification process.

During registration, they will provide you with the badge which contains your roll number. For verification process, you need your admit card and photo ID proof (original) with you.

Then we were taken to the auditorium. After waiting for 15-20 mins, they conducted a short presentation about the college and explained the GDPI process. We were divided into groups (each group consists of 10 candidates). Each group was assigned 2 buddies.
If you have any queries regarding college, placement or the process you are free to ask your buddies. They will guide you throughout the process.

Writing test

A paper was distributed by our buddies. A caselet was given which was related to a general management problem. We were supposed to write about it in 5 mins.

Group discussion

After writing test, we were taken to GD room. There were two panelists. A topic was given and 2 mins to think and note down the points and 12 mins to discuss about it. and 1 min for conclusion.
Our topic was related to Mission to Mars
It went smoothly. We all got a chance to speak about the topic.


After GD we were taken for PI. Make sure you stick with your buddies and if you have any problem then you should inform your buddies they will help you out. For PI there were 2 panelists.
Questions asked:
Tell me about yourself
Your hobbies
Which specialization
what after MBA
Panelists were cool. They will make you feel comfortable. Just be confident.

Overall, it was a good experience. The process went smoothly, thanks to buddies.
All the best!

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