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Hello friends,
                     Please have a look over the image.
The image speaks a lot, isn’t it? what it speaks is of utmost importance, you will understand it after reading the further comparison.
Situation 1: With friends 5 to 6 years ago.
While playing games like badminton, cricket etc and roaming with friends, we used to interact with each other and there was no space for private interference to break that link.
Situation 2: With friends today.
Today electronic gadgets prominently mobile phones have over shadowed the living person who is present in front of us.
I have not exaggerated the comparison, its turning out to be a fact with rapid pace of growing social media world. Social media applications like Facebook, twitter etc were built for of-course business purpose then they concealed their motive by connecting people.Today these companies are growing so many folds and they are emotion hackers rather than profit earners. Further I will explain my thoughts over this.
Today I wont say everyone but most of us have become addicted to social media. wherever we go, whatever we do, with whom so ever we are, we never forget to put our hand over the pocket containing our mobile phone. We pull it out, scroll down for notifications, react to it and then it goes back in pocket. During exams we all follow right to Equality and hence we give mobile equal importance as given to books or what so ever study material. If we upload Facebook profile pic, then we will refresh it frequently to know how many likes and comments it  accumulated. In general if the number of likes is below 100 then your minds prepares itself to click a better pic next time or then tagging it with too many friends to get that extra edge over likes. If number of likes cross 100 then you breathe a sigh of relief because number ‘100’ saves your image and gives a false conclusion that “Yes I exist”. I am criticizing it but then understand the logic. Next strikes the biggest tragedy, WhatsApp status, this becomes more complicated than a Engineering mathematics problem. Chatting through Hike status has become so insane, it has given rise to new world called “Status Chat”. Clicking a selfie or any random pics, then the excitement to put it on Instagram with so many hashtags in its description. And there are many more emotion hackers like stumble-upon, tumbler, twitter etc which do equal damage to us and biggest irony is we enjoy this damage.
Lets understand the ‘Damage‘. Your girlfriend/boyfriend puts a sentimental profile pic or emotional status on WhatsApp, and then you spend the whole night exploring its reason. You become so crazy, that whole night you wont sleep and next day you will end up with texting your beloved one that ” Good morning love, I dont know what went wrong but your DP and status hurts, will sleep now” sent at 4 a.m .You will do it deliberately, isn’t t? The next day when you meet your beloved one then you will get more disturbed after knowing that you were the reason or else you will be at ease if reason is something else.This was one example from many. Facebook drives you crazy to always have a look over what others are doing in their world rather than minding your own business. All this shit happens unknowingly but then your happiness and sorrows mostly depends on various activities that are happening across social medias.
My motive of writing about social medias is just to make all of you aware of how “Digital world exercise a firm control over your emotions”. The above discussion is in general, there are many consequences but its difficult to cope them up in this blog. Every human being has his/her unique identity in world but today because of digital world we all are“Digitizing the existence of ourselves and others and instead of establishing image in society we are behind establishing it on social medias which really sounds unfruitful and silly”. I will suggest everyone to have fun with social media but don’t let it “dominate your happy world”.

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