Street Dancer 3D Movie Review – Must Not Watch

street dancer movie rating

Street Dancer Movie Review

With a heart full of unrealistic expectations, I watched this unbearable movie in Andheri PVR theatre on 24th January 2020. The ticket costed me Rs. 220 and believe me I regret for every paisa and second invested for it. The movie is released in 2D/3D and believe me on a note that the performance is not even comparable to 1D plane.

street dancer movie review

The movie runs for a length of 150 minutes that is enough to make you fall in depression state.

Street Dancer Movie Story

The story is all about 2 dance teams in London – Indian origin and other from Pakistan. Both the teams ultimately merge to win a dance competition to fetch 100,000 pounds. The money will help illegal immigrants to return India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. who floated to London for jobs.

Dude, seriously this is the story

Street Dancer Dance Routines

The dance routines in ABCD and ABCD 2 had already set a benchmark so you will expect a lot from Street Dancer movie. All those expectation will be shattered in the first 20 minutes. The dance routines are so pathetic that one will like to watch reality dance shows for better content.

The music used during battles is another pain in the a**.

Street Dancer Screenplay

A movie based out of story related to dancing community does it’s best to disappoint you with screenplay. There is a scene in second half where all the logic will go for a toss – Yes, I am talking about the scene when the electricity cut happens because of a guy from other team pulling out the fuse. Come on Remo, do you expect such incidence to take place in International Dance Competition?

street dancer 3d muqabla

Race 3 was enough to blow our minds and now comes Street Dancer to add misery to it.

Street Dancer Star Cast

There are tons of scenes where emotions are forced to be felt by audience. The artists/dancers like Sushant Khatri, Vartika Jha, Popin Tikko etc. are not at all properly utilized in terms of dancing and acting. The lead actor Varun Dhavan is playing a character called Sahej and that’s exactly his performance in the overall movie. Shraddha Kapoor played Inayat and Nora Fatehi seemed to be best dancer in the overall movie.

Street Dancer Star Rating

There is no reason to watch this movie. Watch Tom & Jerry episodes, atleast it will put a smile on your face.

Garmi song have crossed 85 million views but definitely not help movie to improve on revenue part. The collections would be definitely hit and keep on degrading week by week

Out of 5 stars, this movie deserves half a star for 1 minute length of overall movie where you will laugh. That’s it, a movie which is sheer disappointment to dancing community. The only good aspect about movie is background dancers getting exposure.


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