Sun and the Stars

Sun and the Stars


Does the sun really want to set

Or the moon with the sky had a  bet

To Keep the sun away from the stars

To keep the star only for the night in its bars

What if the stars n the sun want to be one

But such a thought just n such a love, accepted by none?

And what if the stars don’t shine whole night

But just blink , in an attempt to get the sun’s sight?

Maybe the sun rises each morning with a hope

And wud it ever give up on the stars?nope!

I can see you find these thoughts a mere blunder

But why not for once, u, like me, wonder?

Who is to say the sun and the stars can not romance

Who is to decide that they don’t get a chance?

Such suns n such stars are spread all over the earth

As human beings, those who have taken birth

And we people find these thots mere blunder

But for once, about these suns n stars, lets wonder

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