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Poems on Life

Poems on Life by Yash Wagle Life is something where words will fall short to express its aspects. Let’s narrow it down and look at some poems that makes us relate with Life. Life   The more you love, the more you lose it, the more you hold it, and the less you get it.   People meet us, greet us.   Some friends are for name sake, true friends are hard to find from the fake.   Friends are easy to make in this world, only true ones help…

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Life Poems. Best Poems about Life.

poems on life

Poems on Life by Neetu Singh Life   As she closes her eyes, She delves in a world that hides.   Where the bright sun reflects on her face, As if it is unveiling some haze.   Where flower laden way would welcome her feet, And the plants would dance to her beat.   Where all seems perfect and nothing is wrong, And life to her is a merry song.   Where she is her own queen, And lives what she dreams.   But to her dismay, the reality is…

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