Transparency in Relationships – Problems & Solutions | UOT

transparency in relationships

Transparency in Relationships Hello friends, Can you define the term called “Transparency”?. It’s easy to define as no barriers between you and reality. In school days we learnt about the glass being a transparent object which allows light to pass through it. Today I am going take you to a level where transparency has become one of the most important and difficult tasks to sustain. We are well versed of the situation where people say the competition was not transparent, they did partiality etc, During job appraisal, the boss didn’t…

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What is Presence of Mind. How to improve Presence of Mind? Free Tips

Presence Of Mind   Presence of mind, what it is and why do we need it? It is required to have a sensibility, to remain calm under pressure and to be quick to assess and solve the problem at hand; this is called as the presence of mind. I am no expert at this; I am still learning and will always keep learning. It’s an art that grows and matures with you. When it comes to a situation where you are required to give a logical solution and sometimes present…

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Winter Skin Care – 5 Tips by Sejal Waghela


Winter Skin Care So winter is finally here! It’s almost freezing outside. The temperatures are going down and with that, the climatic conditions are also affecting us. There’s no doubt in the fact that we all love winter. But one important thing to consider during the winters is self-care. Certain things should be taken care of so that you can keep up your beauty and fashion game on point. Here’s a guideline for this season that will help you through it with ease. You need to consider the following factors:…

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Life Poems – Inspirational Poems about Life

Poems on Life

Poems on Life by Yash Wagle Life is something where words will fall short to express its aspects. Let’s narrow it down and look at some poems that makes us relate with Life. Life   The more you love, the more you lose it, the more you hold it, and the less you get it.   People meet us, greet us.   Some friends are for name sake, true friends are hard to find from the fake.   Friends are easy to make in this world, only true ones help…

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Love Quotes, Best Love Quotes with images

The Ultimate Collection of Love Quotes The definition of Love is beyond affection which cannot be expressed in words. We have a list of best quotes on love of all time. So let the countdown begin. And they kept switching between Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook & Snapchat to seek each other’s attention. One initiative would have held them together. Prey of virtual world. The most complicated puzzle in the world is their silence. You still lose after solving it. The strength to overcome sorrows grows in its shadows. The person who never…

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List of Top 20 Management Books to Read | Universe of Thoughts


List of Top 20 Management Books to Read Here comes the list of top 20 books that every MBA aspirant and Manager should read in order to understand management principles, practical applications, customer behaviour, customer relationship management, products and services etc. Refer the links to buy the books at the best price   1. Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not 2. Think and Grow Rich 3. How to Win Friends and Influence People…

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Ultimate Love Poems – 10 Best Love Poems of All Time

Love Poems

Love Poems by Neetu Singh Entangled The days they spent together He still wishes to live in them forever   The roads they travelled may have parted But for him, yet not departed.   Their talks may have ceased. Yet, his love didn’t recede.   The memories are now a haze. He couldn’t escape that maze.   Her presence is diminished one in his life. But he is firm to always stay by her side.   This state leaves him strangled Where he is still entangled..! All I Want In…

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MBA Specializations

MBA Specializations There is always a cloud over our heads when we think about the specialization we want to do in MBA. At one time or another, we have thought about which specialization will suit me the best.   Questions arise; if I take up this particular specialization will it help me in my future prospects? I am confused between my multiple interests which specialization should I choose? I was in a particular field in my job but now I want to explore something new, is it worth it or…

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What is Love? The story of First Love. Love me Like you do

Do you remember your First Love? “First Love” these are the two words that mount an image in your mind, which either made your life meaningful or vice Versa. Read the sentence again to understand its depth and analyze the result. Do you remember your first love? yes no? of course yes, because that was the only time when the sun began to rise from the west and set in the east, the time when sleeping late became a habit, lunch and dinner time went on strike and all these…

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Life Poems. Best Poems about Life.

poems on life

Poems on Life by Neetu Singh Life   As she closes her eyes, She delves in a world that hides.   Where the bright sun reflects on her face, As if it is unveiling some haze.   Where flower laden way would welcome her feet, And the plants would dance to her beat.   Where all seems perfect and nothing is wrong, And life to her is a merry song.   Where she is her own queen, And lives what she dreams.   But to her dismay, the reality is…

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