The Caged Soul

Life behind the fenceModern man is becoming a victim of his own creations! A very appalling criticism to make-but indeed a malady which requires each one of us to take stock – as we try to find a way out – as we embark on our journey of life.

It is at this very impressionable age that a helping hand – in any form – be it a father, relative, friend, teacher, a senior or a religious teacher is very crucial. They have a responsibility to guide every innocent fallible mind that could be contaminated and defiled by the evil forces of the world.

 The youth of today is definitely more competent and hardworking compared to those of yesteryears. However, the danger lies in losing the way!
Parents, friends, relatives, teachers knowingly or unknowingly pressurize a young mind into doing something much against his/her own will. It is termed as peer pressure, worldly pressure and responsibilities; all of which can weigh very heavily on a young impressionable mind. The problem is further aggravated by the need to find instant success, glory and money. The soul cries for liberation! But, its pleas fall on deaf ears! He joins the mad rat race unknowingly, and inadvertently finds himself getting caught increasingly in a web. A web whose tentacles can’t be broken. With no one to tell his woes to, the youth resorts to alcohol, drugs, sex, and even extremes like violence till finally he decides that he has enough and ends it all!

We face this situation so many times in life. Who is to be blamed? We ourselves are at fault. All it requires is a few moments to reflect upon our needs, to hear our inner voice detached from the parameters set by the outside world. We keep running to all and sundry, when the answers lie deep within us.

It s time we take stock! It is time we search for those answers that would liberate us from the slavery and melancholy of everyday life! The soul lies caged in this perishable body of ours crying for liberation!

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