The Journey

The Journey

Doing something in which we are not interested is like forcing a lion to transform into herbivorous animal. People often end up with either of two possibilities, one is to enjoy life by living it as per our own wishes and second thing to suppress our wishes and acts as per demands of situation. Both situation ultimately give personal,social and monetary satisfaction but the one who lives his life as he/she wants,steals the show.dnews-files-2013-04-footsteps-660-jpg

It all started in school when dancing aspect got linked which turned out to be incurable disease till date. Normally incurable disease gives discomfort and last lifelong but this has been a boon which helped to discover many demeanor of life. Switching to engineering was a result of so called traditional fashion of building a boy into engineer and girl into doctor. Pain of doing unwilling act started climbing up but then it got compensated by planting what was wished to do. Next was the stage when those saplings started turning old and it was time to transform them into trees but unwilling climbers did blocked the sunlight from reaching the saplings so the saplings got stuck, live but growth stopped. No room for extending leaves so stagnancy over decided path. This was beginning of real life where struggle of balancing Wish and Order started. This journey had to be managed out of comfort zone and with what was happening with unwilling fate. It earned fame, money and a independent identity but it also earned jealous people and their disgrace. Sacrifices were expected and engineering year drop was major one and loosing the one who was always a inherent strength. Today a small look over past pinches present to conquer future by turning those sapling into trees and for this the unwilling climbers need to be eliminated and process has begun. Journey will be sustained by holding up water(job for sustaining life and then switching to passion) for saplings and then eliminating the unwilling climbers one by one. The courage never dies and holding up the path with confidence drives motivation to fullest. So indeed journey will be travelled. People didnt understand this journey but then it wasn’t meant for them.
 We all pass through various phases of life right from birth till we become reason of someones birth, then professional and social life etc. Whatever we keep doing and achieve are transformed into milestones that become eternal aspect of our life. Our life is a journey that dwells across various routes on which our decisions constructs our next halts. The vitality of understanding Life as a concept of journey is to know that its always about journey and not the destination because journey with set destiny is achievable and its gives false satisfaction.”Don’t expect anyone to understand your journey, especially if they never walked your path”, this quote always build a envelope that is full of positivism. Any individuals behavior is based on various situations they are exposed to and none of us hold control over whatever is destined. In reality, the journey of life always begin when you are pulled out of your comfort zone.
I think life is journey without destinations,it should be traveled and enjoyed and just one thing to remember is to select your own path with bravery and pulling courage to travel on it should be concealed with commitment. Whatever pain we suffer in journey should be considered as fuel which has to be burnt to keep you moving further.

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