Why things go wrong?

Why things go wrong?

Actually this question is frequently troubling us,Isn’t it? Everything is going as per our desire and suddenly things turn into disaster. This happens with everyone, no one is special. Have you ever thought why actually things go wrong? Let’s understand this statement “Why things go wrong”….

Friends, basically whatever we do is planned in our brain, brain commands and we end up with doing what was planned.

Many of us complain that it went wrong because said plan didn’t work…..But they fail to understand that whenever things are just to move in wrong direction, our brain understands them and changes plan to sustain the situation changes that were about to destroy our first plan. So our success is planned and failure too. Its just priorities of plans that are applied on different situations.

Why we have a tendency of complaining or why we feel sad, hurt and angry when things go wrong? Actually we gave situations and other people to make our day gloomy. Don’t you believe me? I am not joking…Let’s understand this with example.

Why most of the relations end in the initial phases? It’s simple to understand. When you and your partner were enjoying being together without committement, that time everything was fine… But once committed then suddenly the other aspects of behavior pops up and overshadows good aspects and finally it ends. Actually you committed to understand each other in most effective manner and suddenly you feel that person has opposite tastes. You knew that after committement you will come closer and understand each other then for what hell you committed? Then on top of this you will say “It didn’t work but don’t know how things went wrong”.

Our brain is the most elastic thing present in universe. You can play with its elasticity as you want. Business is somethings which will face ups and downs. So a fresher who starts any business exactly knows that fact about good and bad phases…Still he complains when business suffers a loss and end up defending with famous statement” How and Why things go wrong”.

Understand the concept that whenever we initiate anything, then the outcome will be positive and negative. If it’s positive then we become happy and we celebrate …But when its negative we end up blaming others and situations. We should focus on converting the negatives into strength that will construct upcoming positive vibes. When people learn this act, then no one will ever face this man made illogical statement “Why things go wrong?”.

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