Top 5 tips to rise above Break Up

Top 5 tips to rise above Break Up

Many of the people on Quora requested me to answer about handling a Break up and similar topics. So here comes Top 5 tips to help everyone to get rid of some serious mental turmoil caused due to break ups.

1. Avoid Past

This is most important factor to forget memories. Avoid interacting with that person and always try to stay away from situation where you will encounter him/her. If not then the moment you see that person you will get disturbed, more disturbed.

2. Healing Friends and Family

Spend more time with your family and friends. Increase communication with parents, go for outings, be a kid, visit your native place, hang out with friends etc. This will never allow useless thoughts to strike your mind.

3. Songs and Movies

Stop listening to sad songs and avoid watching sentimental movies. Songs are instant mood changers so don’t listen sad songs or you will waste ample time lieing on bed and doing nothing. Movies have very serious impact on mind so watch movies which are sensible.

4. Be Busy

Try to keep yourself busy in some kind of work and have a strict daily routine followed with care. Focus on your career, you aren’t special. You had a break up, it doesn’t mean life has ended. Stand up and work hard to build successful career. Don’t feel inferior, useless etc. You just have to wear right shades to see right light.

5. Go again

The last tip might be opposed by many but I suggest that search for a new person to spend time with and let the cycle repeat. Don’t be shocked, you don’t leave eating regularly if you found food to be contaminated on some day. Human beings can’t stay alone, they need opposite sex to sustain their life. So extract maturity from past phase and use it to avoid some crucial mistake while spending time with new choice.

I tried to explain things in simplest manner. You can comment down about your Top 5 tips on same topic

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