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transparency in relationships

Transparency in Relationships

Hello friends,

Can you define the term called “Transparency”?. It’s easy to define as no barriers between you and reality. In school days we learnt about the glass being a transparent object which allows light to pass through it. Today I am going take you to a level where transparency has become one of the most important and difficult tasks to sustain.

transparency in relationships

We are well versed of the situation where people say the competition was not transparent, they did partiality etc, During job appraisal, the boss didn’t give a transparent decision etc. When we apply this term to our professional life, then we suffer in many situations on the hands of superior people than us as discussed in the above situations. We get hurt but then we bounce back easily.

Let’s talk about transparency in relations? Ask yourself is your relation transparent? Do you give your partner 100% of what you can? Do the same reflects from your partner? The answer is sadly a big “No”(99.99%). Let us know how it goes.

transparency in relationships

In a relationship, having ups and downs is quite normal and after getting rid of problems that bond grows. There are many situations you have fights on many topics and you solve it but some topics kill you for a lifetime. Do you trust your partner? Think before saying “yes”. Let us assume you say yes, now go in past and try to collect the memories when your partner lied several times, or kept u aloof of many things and then later you got to know reality.. Now try to say “yes” …You won’t. Why this happens….Let’s get this clear.

transparency in relationships

You might trust your partner a lot but when your trust suffers then its almost over. Once broken thread cannot be mend and if mended then it will always carry knots. After suffering, Love continues to be showered on your partner and relation still survives but there is always a Cold War going inside you.. Your brain and heart fights, your hearts asks you to trust your partner and your brain doesn’t give this permission by manipulation past things. So you always have that “EYES OF DOUBT” on your partner. But this is not so serious until your partner stays loyal to you. But then once damage done takes long to recover.


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Now you have excuses to lie at times. You lie to avoid hurting the partner’s feelings. Your partner might be too sensitive so you hide things. Sometimes you hide the worst part of your nature but you forget that one or other day your partner will face it. What will your HIDE HABIT reward you at that time?. Some have an excuse of privacy. The answer to this is you have your own personal space which everyone has and you need to be left alone so why you need to console this with a LIE? Accept it and explain it.

transparency in relationships

Let me Conclude

 Always remember in any situation, whether its hell or heaven, you should never lie or hide anything from your partner and also ask the same from former. Life is more than making out love with your partner. Your soul cannot be satisfied with physical pleasure. Your soul needs honest feelings. Be HONEST. For some people building trust takes less time but some take years but remember never break it. Once broken then you will never ever be able to build it again. There are some things in nature which don’t have a cure and that is “BROKEN HEART AND LOST TRUST”. Never expect transparency from your partner if you aren’t transparent.

So remember, Be transparent to your partner and also extend the same transparency in your professional life. Its difficult task but once achieved then returns are lifelong and also after it.

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S Khune

A sensitive topic..everyone has know and understand.. Appropriatly written..

Swati purkar

gd one..