Welingkar 2018 PGDM GD PI experience

Welingkar 2018 PGDM GDPI experience

The GDPI was conducted on 7th and 8th April 2018.

Location of college:
Near Matunga(Central Railway)
And 1 km from Dadar Railway Station.

The ideal time to reach is 1 hour before your GDPI time.
On entering the college, there was security personnel checking the admit card and identity proof. After checking, the students were guided to the auditorium, where required documents were to be verified and kept in an envelope provided by them. The list of documents required was printed on admit card.
After verification, there was a registration desk where after registration students were given a yellow card which contained their form number, GD group alphabet, and PI room numbers.
After taking those card students were asked to stand in a line according to their GD alphabets.
The line was guided to the presentation room where the presentation of Welingkar College by its students took place.
The presentation lasted for 25 minutes.
The students were handed a bag with snacks on their way out.
The students were then guided to the GD room. They provided with pen and paper for writing. The GD had 10-11 people per group. Time allotment was 5 min to jot down points, 15 min to discuss and 10 min to write the summary.
The topic for GD was, “Is the progress made by ‘Make in India’ adequate?”
My GD went smooth, there was no fish market scene, everyone gave each other a fair chance to speak. The whole GD was on point and no one got distracted from the topic. Everyone discussed the current situation regarding the campaign, points were made regarding neighborhood countries, agriculture, Chinese product ban etc.
For WAT you are supposed to write the summary of what was discussed in the GD.
After GD, everyone was guided to the library where PI was taking place.
For PI, I had to wait for 2 hours before my turn. There were two panelists for my PI both between the age of 40 to 55.
The PI was smooth, they asked simple questions related to the form I filled up.
Questions asked were: Tell me about yourself, why MBA, why business design and e-business (I applied for core along with these two), and about my graduation, what I did as my hobby and some other general questions.
If you are thorough with the answers then everything will be good. The panelists were chill, they did cross-question me a little, but the questions were all fair.
Overall experience was good.
Management was good.
Arrangements were good. There was no crowd at any moment during the whole process.
The infrastructure of the college is really good.
My slot was at 9 AM and I was done at 1.30 PM.
Although the fees is on the higher side, if you don’t get Welingkar through MMS then applying through PGDM is a good option.
I hope this has helped you in understanding the process.

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